Privacy policy

Protection of personal data

The privacy policy established by FRUGAM SAS, is to provide for the users a summarized and global information about the personal data processing operations operated by FRUGAM SAS.
FRUGAM SAS society attributes a great importance to privacy policy of users and to the protection of their personal data and commits to respect the provisions of the data protection regulation. (2016/679)


Use of collected personal data

Personal data

Personal data constitute all information relevant to an identified or identifiable natural person.
FRUGAM SAS collect and handle personal data (name, first name, mail, company or institution and position in company or institution) received by the website.
These informations are obtained by the contact form, allowing to the user to contact FRUGAM SAS about a specific question, or when creating an account, allowing to the user a better access to documents which are presented on the website
These processing operations do not involve transfer of personal data to non-authorized persons

Conservation of your personal data

The data processed as part of the linking of persons and Apifruit are saved under the intended conditions by the regulation. Thus, personal data collected by FRUGAM SAS are archive for a maximum period of 3 years as of the collection by the responsible for processing

The responsible for processing is the entity in charge for determining the means and the purposes of the processing operations of the personal data executed in FRUGAM SAS.
As part of the processing operations executed in this website, the responsible for processing is:

FRUGAM SAS society
415 Bd Chantilly – 82000 MONTAUBAN – France
Registered with RCS number 451 699 680

Your rights

In accordance with the current regulation about the protection of the personal data, you have a right of access, a right of rectification or deletion of your personal data. Too, you can ask the supply of your personal data to a format that can be read, you have the right to object to the use of your personal data or ask to limit the processing operations for any reasons projected by the regulation.

For more information about your rights, you can go on the CNIL’s website:



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For example, without cookie which recognize your connection, the website would display a message saying “sorry, you have to connect”, because it wouldn’t remembered you.

Website uses cookies to facilitate the user navigation, to allow to do analysis of attendance and audience measurement of our website by collecting information about your navigation, to follow the user ‘s movements from one page to another in the website in order to not request the same information as the one that have already been communicated

Principal cookies which are used by Apifruit Website

Apifruit uses principaly these cookies:

1) Google Analytics: a web analytics tool providing a data set and a tracking service of our website visitor’s activities. When you visit our website, we use cookies to follow and receive anonymous information about your research activities in our website. Google Analytics allows us to improve your online experience and the friendliness of our website. He is not use to collect personal information about you, and he is never approached with your user profile if you are registered in our website.

2) Cookies which are necessary to the navigation in our website: They are necessary to the use of the principal website functions.

3) Functional cookies: “functional cookies” they remember the choices you made.

Cookies can be session cookies (in that case, cookies will be automatically deleted when the browser is closed) or persistent cookies (in that case, cookie will be stored in your computer until its expiry date).

Cookies used in our website Apifruit have a maximum useful life of 13 months.

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For Chrome:
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3) Select “Scop-of-list parameters”: “Cookies”

For Microsoft Internet Explorer:
1) Choose the menu “Tools” then “Internet options”
2) Click on the tab “Confidentiality”
3) Go to the button “Advanced” and advanced settings appear

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1) Choose the menu “Tools”: “Options”
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3) Section “Cookies”

For Safari:
1) Choose Safari: “Preferences”
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3) Section “Cookies”


Modification of the privacy policy

Apifruit reserves the right to evolve the privacy policy in order to comply the modification of laws and regulations. For any question about the Apifruit’s privacy policy, please write to us at

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